Flexible pricing to meet any requirement.

Prices are by agreement, depending on your needs.

We offer significant discounts to customers from less privileged countries and not-for-profit organizations, including educational institutions.

Prices can be per gallery, slide, or user count, or as otherwise agreed.

Please call us to discuss your requirements, and we will be more than happy to provide a quote. We aim to help in any way possible.


Step 1. The customer requests an app edition with the required features and pays part of their fee as a deposit.
Step 2. We ensure the integrity of the requirements and provided materials.
Step 3. Within seven days, we produce and provide the product beta edition for approval by the customer.
Step 4. Customer approves the beta - go to step 5, or request amendments - go to step 1, 2, or 3 as required.
Step 5. The customer pays the remaining part of their fee, or as agreed.
Step 6. We provide the software to the customer.
Step 7. We work with the customer and support them to ensure their complete satisfaction with the product.
Typically, we can manufacture your app edition within a week after you order it. However, order fulfillment can take as little as three days or less, provided that the customer has available customization materials, such as organization icon and texts, and is available to go through steps 1-to-6 in a timely manner.

While waiting for your order fulfillment, please prepare as many photos of your items as you could ready for upload to your online slide library. Aim for at least a few thousand images. Once you receive access to your slide library, you will be able to upload the photos as slides in minutes and establish a good online slide library right away. You can then provide your app to your audience. The next step, optionally, would be to go through the initially created image slides and assign properties to them providing information for the content on each slide and thus increasing their informational quality. The more high-quality image, video, and document slides you add to your slide library, the richer and more fascinating and engaging it will become.
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