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The Information Presenter is a MBBSoftware product
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Information Presenter for organizations which enhances their outreach and supports their work
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What are public authentication and encryption keys?
Public Authentication Key
Click this link to download our Public Authentication Key. Public Authentication Key is used by the recipients of digitally signed documents, e.g. sent by email or otherwise, to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the documents. Use our Public Authentication Key and Act On File or other capable software to authenticate any digitally signed emails and documents that we may have sent you. Our public authentication key is also used to authenticate the authenticable testimonials which we have given to our suppliers, customers and other partners. The testimonials are usually posted on the testimonial recipients' website(s). Learn more here.
Public Encryption Key
Click this link to download our Public Encryption Key. Public Encryption Key is used to encrypt information, in a way that only the holder of the complement to it Private Key can decrypt it. Use our Public Encryption Key and Act On File or other capable software to send us any private information that you may want us to have. Learn more here.

ADVERTISE AT NO COST using the Information Presenter

The Information Presenter advertises and disseminates your information by its very nature. However, in addition to that, it also offers dedicated advertising which you can utilize if needed. Through the app, you can provide three types of advertisements to the end-users:
     •  Menu Adverts,
     •  Overlay Adverts, and
     •  Slides Adverts.
The different types of adverts are controlled from their dedication advert-management pages from the library web-management interface provided with the product. Through the advert management interface you have complete control over the adverts including to create, edit, enable, disable, delete, and keep statistical data for each advert. Note that all three types of adverts are extremely "polite" and never ever disturb the user or interrupt their work.

Menu Adverts

Menu adverts are embedded in the app main menu as ordinary menu commands. When the user selects a menu advert (command) the application launches the user default browser and loads in it the associated with the advert webpage.

Menu advert are created and managed from the "Menu Adverts Management" page and consists of:
  1. name, (up to 30 chars), displayed as menu command,
  2. advert URL, to which the default user browser is directed when the command (advert) is selected, and
  3. priority level, from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest).
The remaining of the properties of the menu adverts are also controlled from the "Menu Adverts Management" page. For example, the number of menu adverts displayed at a time (up to five). The position of the Menu Adverts in the Menu, e.g. on top, in the middle (as in the image to the left), or dynamic depending on the origin of the menu. The inclusion/exclusion of "Menu Adverts Title" and its properties, such as font, optional URL, etc. Also, the inclusion/exclusion of the default "Go to our website" link, advert position rotation, and so on.

The collected statistical data is also displayed in the "Menu Adverts Management". For each menu advert is recorded the number of impressions and the number of clicks on it. You can define unlimited number of menu adverts.

Overlay Adverts

Overlay adverts are applied on image slides only, by adding the advert text under the image slide. Overlay adverts consists of a class, title main part, title auxiliary part, message text, priority and optional URL. The class of the advert is a word displayed above it which indicates to the user what is the particular message. There are approximately 300 overlay advert classes defined, e.g. "Ad", "Advert", "Notice", etc. Overlay adverts are displayed every so many image slides as defined by you. After an overlay advert is displayed, the app inserts a menu command with using the advert main title part which when clicked will open the used default browser and load the advert URL. The advert command will be injected in the menu for certain amount of lag time e.g. 1 minute, so that it is still fresh in the mind of the user what the advert name/command is.

Statistical data is collected for overlay adverts which consists of the number of impressions of the advert and the number of openings of the associated with the slide webpage (if there is one) when the advert is displayed.

Slide Adverts

Slide adverts are ordinary image, video or document slides which are created as slide adverts as opposed to "normal" slides. Slide adverts are created and managed through the "Slides Adverts Management" page. Slide adverts are injected between "normal" slides (online or local), for example every 20 "normal" slides is injected an advert slide. Slide Adverts are placed in the same slide classification locations as "normal" slides, i.e. they live in the same places as them. Thus slide adverts are classified depending on their content. This classification is enforced with their very creation as per where they are created. When the user selects a certain classification point from which they wish to see slides, then slide adverts are also displayed from the same classification point, thus slide adverts are highly appropriate by their content to the current expectations of the user. The frequency of slide adverts depends on the settings made in the "Slides Adverts Management" page.

The statistical information collected for slide adverts is the number the advert was loaded, number the advert was opened, and number the advert was followed i.e. the associated with it (slide) webpage was loaded in the default user browser following the advert (slide). For easier management in hierarchically classified slide libraries the Slide Adverts are also managed through a "Flat Slides Adverts Management" page.
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