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Public Authentication Key
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The Information Presenter vs. a Website Comparison

The Information Presenter will complement your website as opposed to compete with it. Most broadly, the difference between the Information Presenter and a website is that the former enables slow and gradual buildup of information, while the latter are more geared to aimed and intensive study. There are many more differences between the Information Presenter and a website some of which are summarized below:

Website The Information Presenter
1. Induction
Requires a conscious thought to visit the website. Always visible and available to open and view in detail.
2. Frequency
Typically low frequency of visiting. No incentive to visit the website. Momentary breaks from work are impossible as visiting the website requires time. Typically high frequency of viewing. The slides are always there stimulating the user to view them. It's interactive and engaging but never disturbing.
3. Effort
Requires effort and time to browse the website. Super easy navigation from slide to slide by a menu or keyboard command. Requires only a click to open the currently displayed slide, and a single command to visit its associated webpage (if there is one).
4. Image viewing experience
From poor to OK:
  • no image magnification – images have fixed size in the webpages;
  • fixed magnification – opens images within a larger frame in the webpages;
  • good zooming, but limited within the browser window losing at least 5% from the screen. On multi-screen systems, the browser can be manually sized-up to cover more than one monitor, but then requires manual sizing-down, both of which are distracting, unpleasant and time consuming.
Provides the best possible image viewing experience:
  • utilizes 100% of the screen area on both single and multi-screen systems giving the largest possible viewing space;
  • unrestricted software zoom to show the smallest details;
  • fast single click open/close slide commands;
  • convenient keyboard and menu commands;
  • fit-to-image and fit-to-screen commands;
  • easy mouse and keyboard control of the opened slides.
5. Capacity
Impractical to display large volumes of graphic information. For example, to publish intelligently an archive of 1,000 images of historic architectural drawings on a website would require a massive amount of work for a very few views. Very efficient to display large amounts of visual information. For example, to publish intelligently 1,000,000 images is as easy as copy and paste them. They will be viewed regularly as per the users' preferences.
6. Variety
In order to find something new the visitor must explore the website systematically. Most people find such exploration tedious and unattractive. Alternatively, the homepage must be updated continuously. The Information Presenter provides slides at a rate selected by the user from the edition's slide library. Most people find viewing the slides interesting, refreshing, and informative.
7. Learning
Information can be studied systematically, if the website provides such information. However, learning would require conscious effort and persistence. Knowledge is gained continuously, one item at a time, consciously and unconsciously, in interactive and engaging manner from image, video or document slides. The user can get further information from the associated with the slide webpage (if there is one) with a menu/keyboard command.
8. Construction and maintenance – Website Slide Library (online and local)
Very demanding – to create and maintain an engaging website with lots of visual information is difficult, often even unfeasible. For example, adding images to a website intelligently requires the designing of a suitable hierarchy, adding a webpage for each image, adding text and other content about the image on each webpage, adding navigation, links, and so on. Changes are complex and typically break external links (and often also internal). Construction and maintenance are both complex and time consuming. Extremely easy – simply copy and paste the images, videos and documents into the slide library folder (or a subfolder), and name them suitably, or upload them via the administrative web-interface. Galleries in a slide library are created/deleted by simply creating/deleting of folders in it. Images, videos and documents copied inside the slide library folders (galleries) become slides which are displayed to the user, where the document slides can be as simple as plain text file, or as complex as any webpage. Construction and maintenance are very easy and quick, yet complete and powerful.
9. Construction and maintenance – skills
Requires professional web-designers and IT team. Requires only the most basic computer skills. Does not require web-design or IT skills.
10. Construction and maintenance – costs
Very expensive. Practically free.

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