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The Information Presenter is a MBBSoftware product
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Information Presenter for organizations which enhances their outreach and supports their work
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Museums and Art Galleries
Resorts, Hotels and Cruises
Schools and Universities
Parks and Nature Reserves
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What are public authentication and encryption keys?
Public Authentication Key
Click this link to download our Public Authentication Key. Public Authentication Key is used by the recipients of digitally signed documents, e.g. sent by email or otherwise, to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the documents. Use our Public Authentication Key and Act On File or other capable software to authenticate any digitally signed emails and documents that we may have sent you. Our public authentication key is also used to authenticate the authenticable testimonials which we have given to our suppliers, customers and other partners. The testimonials are usually posted on the testimonial recipients' website(s). Learn more here.
Public Encryption Key
Click this link to download our Public Encryption Key. Public Encryption Key is used to encrypt information, in a way that only the holder of the complement to it Private Key can decrypt it. Use our Public Encryption Key and Act On File or other capable software to send us any private information that you may want us to have. Learn more here.

Information Presenter Software Customization

Organizations purchase customized editions of the Information Presenter which are built specifically for them, and are tailored for the particular application of the software. The customization of the Information Presenter includes all aspects of the product, including branding and appearance, software functionality, licensing, etc.

Branding and Appearance

  • The software title, icons, images, links, EULA, "About" window, messages and other organization specific properties are all customized.
  • The "Help" of the edition is customized and has added organization specific content such as articles, video, etc.
  • The auxiliary elements such as download manager and setup modules, installers, read-me and startup files, etc. are all customized.

Software Functionality

  • Include or exclude the ability to display online slides.
  • Include or exclude the functionality to display local slides.
  • Various other capabilities, settings and default values.

License Type

  • License ownership.
    • Corporate - the license owner is the organization - the software is delivered to the end-user without license code and does not require activation. This type of license permits unlimited number of users simultaneously using the software.
    • End-user - the license owner is the end-user - each copy of the software is delivered to the end-user together with a license code. The end-user must activate the software. Each license code allows simultaneous activation and use of the software on a number of computers (min two), owned by the end-user as defined by the license.
  • Time model - perpetual, periodic or time-limited license.
    • Perpetual license allowing use of the software forever (usually for end-user but also can be used for corporate licenses).
    • Periodic license on an annual (or other period) basis (usually for corporate but also can be used for end-user licenses).

Physical Items

By idea and nature some editions may be delivered (perhaps also sold) to the end-users on a physical media. For example souvenir editions: museums, resorts, cruises, parks, etc. In such cases the customer decides the type and content of the physical items and media. the customer can use third party professional printing companies. or design and manufacture physical items themselves on demand, using ordinary office printing systems. We are able and happy to advise and/or design physical media items.
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