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The Information Presenter is a MBBSoftware product
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Information Presenter for organizations which enhances their outreach and supports their work
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Information Presenter Software Features

The Information Presenter consists of a desktop app that displays slides to the end-user, and a management online software that enables the desktop part and provides slides to it in a secure manner. The desktop app displays a small thumbnail image which represents the current slide on top of all windows, which the user can glance at any time while working on other projects, with position and size selected by the user. The desktop app never disturbs the user or interrupts their work, yet the user can always glimpse at the currently displayed slide, open it for a full view, and navigate to the associated with the slide webpage if there is one.

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How does it work? - more details

The Information Presenter consists of two components which work together to help you provide information to your potential future guests in a continuous, non-obtrusive, and engaging way:
  1. A desktop app which you provide to your potential future and current guests and visitors.
  2. Internet software to which you provide information that is then displayed by the desktop app.
Once installed on the user’s computer, the desktop app stays on top of all windows so that it can be seen by the user at any time. The user sets the position, size and all other visual properties of the app so that it does not disturb them while they work on their computer. The user also selects what slides to display from those which you upload using the web part of the software, and how often slides should change. Thus, while working on their computer, the user can glance at the currently-displayed slide, and open it with a single mouse click to view on all their screens if they are intrigued by it. The slides can contain images, videos and text. You can provide local scenery images and information about local animals and plants, museums, and other attractions, as well as the local cuisine and interesting facts about it, in addition to anything else that might be of interest to a guest. Slides can be associated with web pages so that the visitor can read more information on your site or other websites, as well as book their holiday directly on your website saving you any broker’s fees. The desktop app also includes a screen saver and many other helpful features.

Desktop App End-User Features

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  • The app displays a tiny slide on top of other windows which the user can glance at any time.
  • The app can display image, video and document (including image and video) slides.
  • The user controls all user properties, including: the position, size, operation/view mode, frequency of slide change, slide selection, etc.
  • Supports Normal and On-top window view modes, with several variations to meet any preferences.
    • In Normal window view mode the app window can be covered by other windows.
    • In On-top window view mode the user can always glance at the current slide while working with other software. In this case the slide can also disappear on "mouseover", enabling the user to work with the windows underneath it.
  • Supports Manual, Periodic and Scheduled modes of slide change.
    • Manual operation - the user changes slides using the mouse or the keyboard.
    • Periodic operation - the software changes slides automatically at a user-selected interval.
    • Scheduled operation - slides are displayed for a user-selected period of time and are then hidden, until the next scheduled appearance.
  • The user can open the current slide for a full view with a mouse click or keyboard command.
  • The user can navigate to the associated with slides webpage (if there is one) with a mouse click or keyboard command.
  • Image slides are opened and displayed on all screens for the best viewing experience.
  • The app can display online and/or local slides depending on the built in the edition preferences.
  • The app also includes an integrated screensaver.
  • The software is completely unobtrusive and never disturbs the user or interrupts their work.

Information Presenter Business Features

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  • The Information Presenter displays your information, including images, to end-users while they work with their computers.
    • The desktop app is completely unobtrusive and never disturbs the user or interrupts their work.
    • The user controls all user properties, including: the position, size, operation/view mode, frequency of slide change, slide selection, etc.
  • The desktop app includes an integrated screensaver, which displays your images to the users when they do not work on their computers.
    • The integrated screensaver is switched on/off by the end-user.
    • The integrated screensaver displays only image slides on one, or all screens, as desired by the end-user.
  • The Information Presenter can display image, video and document (including image and video) slides.
    • Image slides are natively displayed on all screens with unrestricted zoom, allowing for unprecedented viewing experience.
    • Video slides can also include live streaming.
    • Document slides can contain images, video, text and other embeddable content.
  • You can provide online and local (on physical media) slides to the end-users.
    • For online slides, we provide web-server software which allows you to easily create and maintain your online slide library.
    • Local slides originate from the local computer. You can provide such on any physical media, both encrypted and unencrypted.
  • The Information Presenter allows you to provide three types of adverts to the end-users.
    • Menu adverts are embedded in the app main menu.
    • Overlay adverts are displayed around image slides.
    • Slide adverts are displayed for every so-many displayed online or local slides.
    • You create and manage your adverts through the edition's online slide library.
  • You have full control of the slides appearance on the end-user computer.
    • The slides' appearance in closed and open state is defined as slides are created, or by the editions default parameters.
  • The Information Presenter compliments your website and bringing you visitors.
    • You can assign webpages to online slides, which the users can load in the default system browser with a mouse or keyboard command.
  • The Information Presenter offers state-of-the-art protection for both online and local (physically distributed) content.
    • Online slides can be viewed only, and only, with the desktop app of the particular edition of the software.
    • Image slides provided with physical media can be encrypted and viewed only, and only, with the particular edition of the software.
  • The Information Presenter offers fully-fledged user level access control and viewer groups management.
    • Viewing online slides can be with or without requirement for the end-user to provide user credentials.
    • The slide library includes easy-to-use viewer and viewer groups management tools.
  • Easy construction and maintenance of online slide libraries - NO IT skills are needed.
    • Each edition of the Information Presenter displays slides from its own slide library which can be hosted by the organization or us.
    • Slide libraries are owned, created and maintained by the organization.
    • Slide libraries are easy to create and maintain through easy to use web interface - NO IT skills are needed.
    • The slide library management includes a fully comprehensive hierarchic administration model. This enables for example to easily create low-privileged content contributor admins, which are trusted to add content to specific sections of the slide library, but not to others, or be able to cause damage on the slide library by error or intent.
  • The Information Presenter enables many new business possibilities. The software can serve as:
    • advertisement, popularization and marketing tool,
    • information (image) sharing tool,
    • sales tool,
    • learning, tuition and self-help tool,
    • a supplementary viewing software with a items for sale, e.g. image collections and memberships,
    • and others - for more details and examples see the Business Applications section.
  • The Information Presenter is fully customized of the for each customer and business task, e.g. Notional Museum - Member Edition.
    • Branding, including the title, icons, images, About window, Help articles, links, etc. are all customized for your organization.
    • Software features are included and suitably adjusted, or excluded depending on the business task which the edition addresses.
    • Depending on the business task, the desktop app can be provided to the end-users by download, or on (customized) physical media.
    • Depending on the business task, the software can be licensed to the organization or end-users, with perpetual or periodic licenses.
  • The Information Presenter editions are independent, so an organization may utilize several editions addressing different business tasks.
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