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The Information Presenter is a MBBSoftware product
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Information Presenter for organizations which enhances their outreach and supports their work
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What are public authentication and encryption keys?
Public Authentication Key
Click this link to download our Public Authentication Key. Public Authentication Key is used by the recipients of digitally signed documents, e.g. sent by email or otherwise, to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the documents. Use our Public Authentication Key and Act On File or other capable software to authenticate any digitally signed emails and documents that we may have sent you. Our public authentication key is also used to authenticate the authenticable testimonials which we have given to our suppliers, customers and other partners. The testimonials are usually posted on the testimonial recipients' website(s). Learn more here.
Public Encryption Key
Click this link to download our Public Encryption Key. Public Encryption Key is used to encrypt information, in a way that only the holder of the complement to it Private Key can decrypt it. Use our Public Encryption Key and Act On File or other capable software to send us any private information that you may want us to have. Learn more here.

Online Slide Library

Each edition of the Information Presenter has a slide library which contains the online slides which the desktop app of that edition displays to the end-users. The slide library is managed through an easy to use web-interface which does not require any IT skills. The slide library can be installed on a web-server maintained by the organization or by us. In both cases we provide additional software which provides all the necessary online services required by the Information Presenter to display online slides securely. The server software is also responsible for the slides definition and classification, protection of the online content, administrators management, user management (when used), groups management (when used), user authentication (when used), RSA keys management (when used), adverts management,
and several other services. An organization can provide to its public several custom editions of the Information Presenter each addressing different business need. For small and medium organizations, the slide libraries for the different editions can be hosted on the same web-server and managed by the same easy to use web interface. This flexibility and at the same time power allows any type organization, small and large, to utilize the Information Presenter and easily create and maintain their slide libraries directly by their marketing and other non-IT personal.

Content Protection

The Information Presenter provides the highest known protection level for your content. For your online slide library and content it uses the strongest and most advanced encryption and authentication technologies out-of-the-box. For local encrypted image slides, provided to the end-users on physical media, the Information Presenter offers the strongest and most flexible and expendable asymmetric encryption with remote keys, as well as the weaker but slightly more user friendly symmetric encryption with embedded in the software key. For editions which include encrypted local image slides we also provide an advanced encryption software tool to help you encrypt your files.

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