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Information Presenter for Jewelers

Since the advent of the Internet jewelers employ their websites to sell items. However, because most commonly traffic comes from the search engines, it is by far insufficient to only have a well designed website. Direct entry to a jeweler's website occurs only when the customer already knows its address and has a particular reason to visit it.

Whilst in the past users explored a few pages from the results of a search, in recent times, users rarely reach the second page. Thus the competition for presence in the first page of the search engine results has grown to be enormous. To make matters even worst, many, if not most, users follow only the first visible search results, ... which are usually paid ads, and do not even reach the native results beneath them.

In this way jewelers, and in fact most other businesses, are forced to pay expensive ads if they wish to get any significant traffic to their websites, excluding a few well known brands. Thus the winner is the search engine, whilst both the jewelers and the user are in disadvantage.

The Information Presenter provides a solution which at least partly alleviates this problem. The software works in conjunction with the jewelers' website and could be extremely beneficial to the jeweler stimulating purchases in both short and long term, cutting costs, and in a few other ways as we will see, as well as to the user.

Information Presenter solution for jewelers

An Information Presenter app provides number of benefits to jewelers and their customers. Note that the Information Presenter and the jeweler's website work together and complement each other, rather than compete.
  1. The jeweler provides a customized for their shop free public edition of the Information Presenter to its customers. This can be done by a free download from their website, as well as a marketing gift to the visitors of their shop in the form on inexpensive media with the software stored on it, business card inviting the person to download the app from the web, etc.
  2. Once the user installs the Information Presenter on their computer, it will start displaying the jeweler's items on the screen of the user.
    • The app stays quiet displaying the currently loaded item, in a corner of the user's screen where they put it, never interrupting the user.
    • When the user wishes they can open currently loaded item with a single click.
      • When opened, the app displays the item on all screens of the user, enabling extremely high viewing quality.
      • An item can have any number of slides from different points of view, without becoming repetitive or boring.
      • Items can have video and document slides in addition to image, to give interesting information about them.
      • Slides can have any number of properties attached to them providing information about the item, such as history, materials, etc.
      • If interested to purchase the item, the user can follow the link from the slide to the sales page on the jewelers' website.
      • The jeweler can provide information about discounts, sales and promotions using the app in a very elegant and non-obtrusive way.
      • The user can use the app as a screen saver, enjoying the items of the jeweler, while not working on their computer.
  3. Maintenance - no web-developer or any IT skills are required to provide information through the Information Presenter, including:
    • to create and edit image, video and document slides;
    • to attach additional information to slides, such as history, materials, cost, etc.
    • to create and edit adverts and promotions, and so on.
    The management of the information presented by the Information Presenter is very easy through a simple to use web-interface.

Benefits for the jewelers and their customers provided by the Information Presenter

The following are some of the benefits for jewelers and their customers from using the Information Presenter.
  1. The jeweler's items are shown to the customer at all times (albeit discreetly). [more info]
  2. The app allows a much better viewer experience than that of a browser, as in quality and richness.
  3. The app allows and stimulates use of multiple slides for the same item, thus the user would know better that they purchase.
  4. The app can help the jeweler to teach the users of the app about jewelry, which will result in happier customers.
  5. The app allows for elegant and unobtrusive advertising promotions and sales.
  6. The app can help to reduce the cost for web-development as the jeweler's website can now be simpler, yet improving its efficiency in conjunction with the app.
  7. Saving money from not always effective, but expensive search engines ads, once the user installs the app.
  8. Saving money to the user due to education about jewelry, which they will presumably receive over time through the app.
  9. Saving money to the user by making better purchases, due to seeing much jewelry, as opposed to incidental web-search.
  10. Saving time to the user wasted on search engines while browsing in attempt to see and intriguing jewelry.

In conclusion, in addition to the many benefits which the Information Presenter will bring to a jeweler and its customers, some of which outlined above, the app effectively subscribes the users to the jeweler and this creates a connection between them.

Call us for a chat and a free no obligations online demonstration, or to purchase your app edition for your jewelry shop.

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