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Information Presenter for Photographers

Photographers can increase the value of the digital photo albums which they create by including a copy of the Information Presenter with of them. The included software can be a customized for the photographer edition of the Information Presenter, or it can be the MBBSoftware's own Photo Window edition. The Information Presenter provided with the photo album will give the user the unique ability to view their photos at any time as well as the ability to transform a tiny slide in the corner of their screen into a large picture across all their screens with a single click on the slide. It will also allow them to see details in their photos which they never noticed before, retain their memories and help them learn new things. The software will also allow them to enjoy their photos even when they do not use their computers via the built in it screensaver, and will provide them with all other benefits that it brings.

A custom editions of the Image made for the photographer will allow him/her to stay in touch with their clients by allowing them to display slides from their online galleries including their latest work, promotions, discounts, sales and other offers. An example of a suitable customization of the product for this business application is given below.
  • Without the use of dedicated physical media - photographers can provide the software on the same media alongside their digital photo albums.
  • The software title, icons, "About" window, "Help" content and other visual properties are customized for the photographer/organization.
  • Included or excluded online slides displaying functionality. When included, the online slide library can be hosted by us, or you using provided by us web-server software.
  • Included local slides displaying functionality with enabled view of image, video and document slides, but without encrypted images support.
  • The software license is "perpetual" - owned by the end-user, who is required to activate the software; or another suitable type of license.

Test this technology now

A customized edition of the Information Presenter may not be cost effective for individual photographers and small organizations, especially editions specific for any, and every, occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc. For this reason, this example will use a the MBBSoftware's own customization of the Information Presenter - Photo Window. Photo Window has numerous designs suitable for any occasion, including animals, pets, goodbye, wedding, etc. More generic designs can be added upon request and without incurring additional cost. Photo Window is available with and without physical media and is branded with the software manufacturer's name - MBBSoftware. Visit the product homepage for more details about Photo Window.

Physical Deliverables

The photographer provides copies of Photo Window on the same media alongside their digital photo albums*. Note that Photo Window can be also provided with thematic sets as described at the product website.
* - All physical customization is optional and is made as the photographer requires.

Software Characteristics

The Photo Window customization* is as follows:
  • The edition of the software is called Photo Window, and is branded as a MBBSoftware product.
  • Included online slides displaying functionality as follows:
    • The online source for slides is set to be the MBBSoftware website (
    • Online slides will be provided from the Photo Window's slides.
    • Client software access control is enabled using a strong authentication algorithm.
    • No user level access control, i.e. user credentials are not required to view online slides.
    • All data is transported using secure HTTPS protocol. Additional RSA image and data protection is also applied.
  • Included local slides displaying functionality as follows:
    • Enabled local non-encrypted image, video and document slides.
    • Disabled encrypted local images.
  • The software is licensed to the end-user and requires activation. Each license permits two simultaneous activations at a time.
* - Custom editions of the Information Presenter are customized to meet any particular customer requirement.

Test Steps

  1. Download and install Photo Window.
  2. Review the application title, icons, "About" window, "Help" system, etc., and observe the branding customization.
  3. Using the Selection window, choose a local source of slides along with some images and video from your computer.
  4. Verify that the software displays, zooms, and otherwise operates the local slides.
  5. Using the selection window, opt to display online slides and verify their operability.
  6. Verify the state of the license controls in the "About" window. Activate the software if you are provided with a license code, otherwise the software will operate for this test for 30 days based on the embedded in it for this purpose trial-test license.

Photo Window Edition

Visit MBBSoftware to view the existing Photo Window thematic models and/or request more thematic designs.
Note that the Photo Window thematic designs differ only in the images representing their respective themes, such as the installer and upgrade splash images.


Visit MBBSoftware to download Photo Window.
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