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The Information Presenter is a MBBSoftware product
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Information Presenter for hotels, resorts and cruises - for more and happier customers
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Information Presenter for Hotels, Resorts and Cruises

The Information Presenter has a wide range of presentation capabilities and a fully customizable nature, which makes it able to address diverse types of tasks for hotels, resorts and cruises. Please review the examples below and try the customized test software provided with them, and consider these and other ways in which the Information Presenter might be helpful to your organization.
  1. Attract more guests, help them plan their best vacation, and sell it to them directly
  2. Build your guests loyalty and help them keep their vacation memories alive
  3. Make your guests the best advertising agents of your hotel or cruise
For other applications of the Information Presenter please visit the homepage. The Information Presenter is a MBBSoftware product.

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