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Information Presenter for museums and art galleries - software which keeps you connected you with your audience.
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Information Presenter for Museums and Art Galleries

Innovative Software and App for Museums and their Audiences
One software – many purposes and solutions!

Information Presenter is very apt for museums (and educational institutions). It is a product which can help them in one of their most important tasks, namely, to provide and disseminate knowledge for education and enjoyment, as well as help their finances, and without a doubt, in other ways.
Prof. Doctor of Arts Simeon Nedkov, Professor of Museology, Sofia University
Information Presenter will be very useful for the National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia. It will give us many new opportunities to reach traditional and new audiences and will help us be even more useful to them. It is also very interesting for us to help increase and modernize the museum's souvenir line, as well as have more frequent and direct contact with our donors and volunteers.
Ekaterina Tsekova, PhD, Director National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia
I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy this software! I thank you for creating this "lovely" program! I also want to thank you for always providing needed support and updates. I am currently using this on two computers with different operating systems and it has always run so smoothly on both! Very happy customer!!!!
mer123 (end user)

POPULARIZE YOUR MUSEUM: Attract visitors and disseminate your cause.

How? Give away a free-edition of the app, which displays images of items from your museum on the user’s screen while they work on their computers. The users can view and open the images with just a click of the mouse. You provide the images and information to be displayed through a specialized website.

INCREASE YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Attract new members and retain your current members.

How? Give your members a membership edition of the app as a membership benefit. The software will allow your members to enjoy images and information from your museum at all times. It will keep your members connected with your museum and continuously enrich them with your information, thus, increasing the value of their membership.

SELL NEW TYPE OF SOUVENIRS: Increase your revenue and disseminate your cause.

How? Sell media with encrypted images from your museum and the souvenir edition of the app. Your visitors will be able to buy them as gifts for family and friends or enjoy the encrypted images using the app themselves. The online slides that the app will display will further enhance the connection between the user and your museum.

GIVE BACK TO YOUR PATRONS: Keep your patrons connected and sympathetic.

How? Provide the thank you edition of the app to your patrons. The software will continuously provide your patrons with satisfaction for their generous gifts, as well as enrich them through the information and knowledge you provide.

ADVERTISE AT NO COST using the Information Presenter

How? Through the app, you can provide three types of advertisements to the users: Menu Adverts, Overlay Adverts, and Slides Adverts, in addition to the advertising that the app does by its very nature.

For other applications of the Information Presenter please visit the homepage.

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