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Information Presenter for museums and art galleries - software which keeps you connected you with your audience.
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GIVE BACK TO YOUR PATRONS: Keep your patrons connected and sympathetic

Give back to your patrons and keep them connected and sympathetic, by giving them s thank you edition of the Information Presenter customized for your museum. The software will continuously provide your patrons with satisfaction for their generous gifts, as well as enrich them through the information and knowledge you provide, and thus fulfill its objectives.

The Information Presenter will give your patrons the unique one-click ability to transform a tiny slide in the corner of their screen into a large picture across all their screens, which they can view and study in the best possible way. The software will also allow them to enjoy your photos even when they do not use their computers via the built in it screensaver, serve them as a slow pace educational tool, and provide them with all other benefits that it brings. The Information Presenter will also allow your organization to stay in touch with your patrons and supporters by displaying slides about your events, as well as promotions, discounts, sales and other offers, all in an elegant and unobtrusive way. Thus your patrons and supporters will feel close to, and part of your organization and cause. An example of a suitable customization of the product for this business application is given below.
  • Digital media sets are designed and printed specifically for your museum or art gallery, which you can do yourself if prefer.
  • The software title, icons, "About" window, "Help" content and other visual properties are customized for your organization.
  • Included online slides displaying functionality. The online slide library can be hosted by us, or you using provided by us web-server software.
  • Included or excluded local slides displaying functionality, depending on whether or not you wish to include with the digital media images and video, and/or allow your sponsors to view their own photos using the Information Presenter. Note that enabled local slides displaying functionality requires an end-user license as opposed to a corporate license.
  • The license type can be "perpetual" - owned by the end-user (your patron), who is required to activate the software; "perpetual/periodic-recurrent" - owned by you with no end-user software activation; or another suitable license type.

Test this technology now

The Information Presenter edition built for this example is a software customized for a fictional "Fictional Gallery". Of course, this "Fictional Gallery" does not actually exist, but for the purpose of this demonstration the software needs to be customized for a particular organization, whose website it can use, and so we use "Fictional Gallery" with a website, i.e. this website. Download, install and test this example software which has the following properties:

Physical Deliverables

The customized physical deliverables* which are supplied with this example include:
  • An installation DVD containing the customized edition of the Information Presenter.
  • A thank you card.
  • A brochure.
  • An end-user license permitting the activation of the software on two PCs simultaneously.
  • A customized DVD box.
* - All physical customization is optional and is done at the organization level. However, it can also be done for each individual patron of the museum or art gallery.

Software Characteristics

The software customization* for this example is:
  • The title, icons, images, "About" window, the EULA, the "Help" content and other properties are customized for the Fictional Gallery. The software title for this example is "FG Window - Patron Edition", with "FG" standing for "Fictional Gallery".
  • Included online slides displaying functionality as follows:
    • The online source for slides is set to be the Fictional Gallery website (, this website).
    • Online slides will be provided from the edition's online slide library: Fictional Gallery Patron Edition Slide Library.
    • Client software access control is enabled using a strong authentication algorithm, i.e. only this software can fetch online slides.
    • No user level access control, i.e. user credentials are not required to view online slides.
    • All data is transported using secure HTTPS protocol. Additional RSA image and data protection is also applied.
  • Included local slides displaying functionality as follows:
    • Enabled local non-encrypted image, video and document slides.
    • Disabled encrypted local images.
  • The software is licensed to the end-user and requires activation. Each license permits two simultaneous activations at a time.
* - All software customization is optional and can be changed to meet any particular requirement.

Test Steps

  1. Download and install the test software.
  2. Review the application title, icons, "About" window, "Help" system, etc., and observe the branding customization.
  3. Using the Selection window, choose an online gallery of slides to display.
  4. Verify that the software displays, zooms, and otherwise operates the online slides. In order to verify the security of the data, try to sniff the traffic to/from the software - you will be unable to retrieve any information regarding the transported data. Further, you will be denied access if you try to retrieve any data from the library using any method other than this edition of the Information Presenter.
  5. Using the Selection window, choose a local source of slides along with some images from your hard disk or other local drive.
  6. Verify that the software displays, zooms, and otherwise operates the local slides.
  7. Verify the state of the license controls in the "About" window. Activate the software if you are provided with a license code, otherwise the software will operate for this test for 30 days based on the embedded in it for this purpose trial-test license.

FG Window - Patron Edition

[This image represents the example DVD]
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GIVE BACK TO YOUR PATRONS: Keep your patrons connected and sympathetic - Example set and test software
GIVE BACK TO YOUR PATRONS: Keep your patrons connected and sympathetic - Example set
GIVE BACK TO YOUR PATRONS: Keep your patrons connected and sympathetic - Example set and test software


Icon of this sample-trial software
(for reference)
Download and test this test software using the links below or the product download manager.
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