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Information Presenter Software App
The Information Presenter is a MBBSoftware product
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Information Presenter for museums and art galleries - software which keeps you connected you with your audience.
Online Slide Library
See How the Information Presenter Can Increase Your Website Effectiveness
Museums and Art Galleries
Resorts, Hotels and Cruises
Schools and Universities
Parks and Nature Reserves
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INCREASE YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Attract new members and retain your current members

Increase your membership, attract new members and retain your current members by giving your members a customized for your museum membership edition of the Information Presenter as a membership benefit in addition to the other benefits you provide to your members. The Information Presenter will allow your members to enjoy images and information from your museum at all times. It will keep your members connected with your museum and continuously enrich them with your information, thus, increasing the value of their membership.

Through the Information Presenter, you can give your subscribers the unique one-click ability to transform a tiny slide in the corner of their screen into a large picture across all their screens, which they can view and study in the best possible way, even when they did not think of visiting your website (if you offer high quality images viewing there at all). The software will provide them with all other benefits that it brings including the screensaver which will allow them to enjoy your photos even when they do not use their computers. You can use the Information Presenter to also display promotions, discounts, sales and other offers. An example of a suitable customization of the product for this business application is given below.
  • Typically without physical media, the software would be downloaded from your website. However inexpensive giveaway media may be also used.
  • The software title, icons, "About" window, "Help" content and other visual properties are customized for your organization.
  • Included online slides displaying functionality. The online slide library can be hosted by us, or you using provided by us web-server software.
  • Excluded local slides displaying functionality.
  • The software is licensed to your organization. The end-user does not activate the software.
  • The Information Presenter requires from the user to provide their account/membership credentials in order to access and display slides.

Call us for a chat and a free no obligations online demonstration, or to purchase your app edition.

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