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Information Presenter for hotels, resorts and cruises - for more and happier customers
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Information Presenter for Hotels, Resorts and Cruises

The Information Presenter comprises a desktop app + web software designed to help tourism organisations establish and maintain connections with their future and former visitors. The software can serve as information providing, marketing, advertising and sales tool, as well as viewing software provided with a new type of information souvenirs described below.

How the Information Presenter can help you

1. Attract more guests and visitors
2. Help your guests have a better and more fulfilling vacation

How? Use the Information Presenter as a giveaway advertising material similar to paper brochures and other advertising. Through the software you can provide vastly more beautiful photos and interesting facts than via a leaflet or even a website. Your future guests will be engaged with your information for much longer and can navigate to your purchase web page directly from the app.

3. Popularize your resort with a software souvenir
4. Make your guests your best advertising agents

Many tourists purchase souvenirs and gifts for their family and friends back home. The Information Presenter can serve as an ideal souvenir if sold as such on a medium (CD/DVD/Flash drive). The recipient of the gift will then be able to enjoy the photos and other information that you provide through the software, as well as purchase a holiday with you by navigating to your website directly from the software.

5. Maintain connections with your former guests and visitors and build their loyalty

How? Use an edition of the Information Presenter that in addition on online slides is also able to display images from the user's computer so as to provide your guest with a way to view their holiday photos at any time and in the best possible way. The software is provided on a medium (CD/DVD/Flash drive) where your guest can also store their own vacation images, making the gift a treasured memory. Through the software you will keep connection with your former guests.

6. Reduce fees and dependencies from brokers such as

Providing the Information Presenter to future travelers directly makes it likely that they will book directly on your website, which eliminates any booking fees that you would otherwise pay to website brokers, such as

7. Reduce costs for website development

Creating and maintaining a website requires web designers and developers and is typically expensive and often slow. For many types of websites, even if money is not an obstacle, it may not always be cost effective or even sensible to display much information and images. The reason for this is that websites require a conscious though to visit them, or search on the subject, and then time and effort to browse the site systematically in order to see the additional information. However, in today's busy life people most often do explore websites systematically. The Information Presenter overcomes these difficulties by its very nature.
  • Adding information to the web part of the Information Presenter does not require IT skills. It is designed to be as easy as uploading a video to YouTube or an image to Facebook – everyone can do it.
  • The Information Presenter allows for easy classification of information in slide galleries, and thus it is easy to make changes with copy and paste galleries and slides.
  • The Information Presenter can accommodate any number of slides which will be shown to the users regularly, as it has a better display distribution than a website.
  • The Information Presenter does not require a conscious thought, effort or time from the user to open and view a slide, in difference than visiting a website; the user need only glance at the desktop app and click on it using the mouse.
The Information Presenter and your website complement each other as opposed to competing. See the comparison between the Information Presenter and website for more information.

ADVERTISE AT NO COST using the Information Presenter

How? Through the app, you can provide three types of advertisements to the users: Menu Adverts, Overlay Adverts, and Slides Adverts, in addition to the advertising that the app does by its very nature.

For other applications of the Information Presenter please visit the homepage.

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