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The Information Presenter for Schools and Universities is an amazing study and revision assistant for your students.
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Easy Learning and Revising Software for Schools and Universities

The Information Presenter can serve students as an easy to use, unobtrusive and effective tool to learn and revise continuously without noticing and boredom. Thus the software can help students to increase and maintain their knowledge significantly, and improve their marks.


By design the Information Presenter displays tiny, unobtrusive slides, which the user can open and view in detail with a single click and at any time. Thus, in an interesting and interactive way, the Information Presenter can help students to learn and continuously revise what they already learned, as well as discover gaps in their knowledge, if suitable slides are provided, ultimately resulting in a much higher student performance.


Schools and universities normally purchase customized for them editions of the Information Presenter, which they make available to their students for download form the school's website or in other suitable way. Depending on the preferences of the school the custom edition of the Information Presenter may or may not require user/student credentials in order to display slides. The school creates and manages their slide library from where the Information Presenter fetches slides to display on the user's (student's) computer screens. The students simply download and install the Information Presenter on their computers, and start using it choosing subject(s) from the school's slide library from which they wish to view slides. The students can also use the software to remember what they learned during summer vacations and even after they graduate provided that their credentials (if needed) are kept by the school and the school maintains their slide library suitably.

Slide Library Contents

Each school creates and maintains its slide library. A school may start with a new empty library each academic year progressively adding slides containing the material taught each passing week. Alternatively the slide library may be continuously built and improved. Another school may choose to have a section of their slide library which is started afresh each academic and is progressively build up, and at the same time have another section which is continuously improved. The structure of the slide library is created by the school as it prefers and finds most beneficial for its students, e.g. has folders per years, by subjects, by phenomena, by weeks, and so on. The slides can be created by the tutors and by the students e.g. as course projects and homework tasks, however only the tutors can create and delete folders and slides in the slide library of the school.

Other notes

  • Generally tuition slides should be small and containing a single point of interest, e.g. single theorem, single fact, historical event, etc.
  • Slides can be image, video and web-documents, allowing complete control on the displayed information.
    • Image slides can by used to display amazing images, as well as other information in impressive ways.
    • Image slides can also be displayed by the software as screensaver if the student enables this feature.
    • Video slides can be used to display parts of recorded classes and videos.
    • Web-document slides can be used with static and dynamic content, e.g. tests, quizzes, etc.
  • Slides can be associated with webpages containing additional information, to which the student can navigate with a single command.
  • The Information Presenter can help in studding practically any subject including languages with their rules, common expressions and words.

Typical Edition Configuration

  • Typically without physical media, the software would be downloaded from the school's website. However inexpensive giveaway media may be also used.
  • The software title, icons, "About" window, "Help" content and other visual properties are customized for the school/university.
  • Included online slides displaying functionality. The online slide library may be hosted by the school's on their (main or secondary/dedicated) website, or by us, or a web-provider. We provide additional web-server software which is responsible for all aspects of the online slides access.
  • Excluded local slides displaying functionality.
  • The software is licensed to your school/university. The end-user does not activate the software.
  • The Information Presenter requires from the user to provide their login credentials in order to display slides.

Test this technology now

The Information Presenter edition built for this example is a software customized for a fictional "Fictional School". Of course, this "Fictional School" does not actually exist, but for the purpose of this demonstration the software needs to be customized for a particular organization, whose website it can use, and so we use "Fictional School" with a website, i.e. this website. This example edition of the software has been configured to require valid user account credentials registered with the Fictional School website (i.e., in order to display slides (provided below). We are able to host slide libraries for schools without websites. Download, install and test this example software which has the following properties:

Physical Deliverables

There are no physical* deliverables in this example. The software is downloaded from the Fictional School website (this website).
* - All physical customization is optional and is made as the organization requires.

Software Characteristics

The software customization* for this example is:
  • The title, icons, images, "About" window, the EULA, the "Help" content and other properties are customized for the Fictional School. The software title for this example is "Easy Learn FS - Study Assistant", with "FS" standing for "Fictional School".
  • Included online slides displaying functionality as follows:
    • The online source for slides is set to be the Fictional School website (, this website).
    • Online slides will be provided from the edition's online slide library: Fictional School Slide Library.
    • Client software access control is enabled using a strong authentication algorithm, i.e. only this software can fetch online slides.
    • Enforced user access control - the user must provide their valid School credentials in order to view online slides (see below).
    • All data is transported using secure HTTPS protocol. Additional RSA image and data protection is also applied.
  • Excluded local slides displaying functionality.
  • The software is licensed to the Fictional School with a license permitting unlimited simultaneous users.
* - All software customization is optional and can be changed to meet any particular requirement.

Test Steps

  1. Download and install the test software.
  2. Review the application title, icons, "About" window, "Help" system, etc., and observe the branding customization.
  3. Using the selection window, confirm that you are unable to select an online subject gallery, as user credentials are not yet provided.
  4. Using the Login window, verify that only valid user credentials are accepted.
    The Information Presenter Login window
    The Fictional School Login window
  5. Enter the following user credentials in the Login window of the software:
    Username: Test_Username
    Password: Test_Password
    or for a more realistic test, create a free account at and use your own username and password instead.
  6. Using the Selection window, choose a subject gallery of slides to display.
  7. Verify that the software can display, zoom, and otherwise operate the slides. In order to verify the security of the data, try to sniff the traffic to/from the software - you will be unable to retrieve any information regarding the transported data. Further, you will be denied access if you try to retrieve any data from the library using any method other than with this edition of the Information Presenter.
  8. Verify the license info in the "About" window. It will indicate that the software is licensed to Fictional School and is activated.


Icon of this sample-trial software
(for reference)
Download and test this test software using the links below or the product download manager.
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