Captivate new members and retain your current ones

The Information Presenter can help you to increase your membership by captivating new members and retaining your current ones.


Providing consistent membership benefits to their members can be a daunting task even for the best of the best museums, parks, and other membership organizations. Despite the efforts and work that they do in this regard, often members can use very little form their membership benefits, and sometimes nothing at all, except the reward of knowing that they are helping the organization and its cause.

More about the problem
Museums and other membership organizations typically provide some of the following benefits to their members:

FREE admission.
This is a great benefit. However, its value may diminish or be inapplicable in cases such as:
  • if the organization offers free admission in general, or for some extensive areas, as many large public institutions do, or
  • new exhibitions are provided only a few times in the year, in which case it may be more cost-effective for people to simply buy a ticket.

See new exhibitions during member preview days.
This is another great benefit, however, mostly for the academics living in the same city, and probably not so much for the working person living in the neighboring town. Also, for many people, seeing an exhibition a week earlier or a week later may make little difference. Thus, this benefit has little to no value for many people.

Invitations to special events and openings.
This is another great benefit. However, consider the following real-life scenario where an event in Central London starts on Tuesday, at 18:00. In order to be on time for the event, a working person whose job is in Northampton must leave shortly after lunch, and a person living in Birmingham or Manchester needs to take the entire day off to see the event. Of course, the actual attendance may not be free although the person has paid membership fee. Thus, this is benefit is another one with little to no value for many people.

10% discount in the gift shop, and possibly the café and restaurant.
This is another great benefit if one uses it. The question is how often a member would purchase a souvenir from the gift shop?! Or, how often would they prefer to spend time in the generic museum cafeteria (no offense), rather than in the lovely French restaurant short walk down the street, especially after already spending 3-4 hours in the museum?! Probably not too often on both accounts, thus this is another benefit with little to no value for most members.

Subscription to the organization's newsletter.
This benefit can profit all members. However, how many people read newsletters in today's busy world, and how many would pay to receive what in many cases is an ordinary marketing email. While it is a good idea to have this benefit among the others it also may give very little value for money.

Free admission to other institutions.
This benefit may provide value to members who travel often. Depending on circumstances a person may or may not be able to make use of it.

Some organizations may offer other benefits too.

The usual membership benefits provide value when one can use them. However, not many members can make use of them. While some people may still purchase a membership to support the organization not expecting much in return, most will not consider becoming members or will discontinue their membership in the following years.


By utilizing a membership edition of the Information Presenter, you can provide a considerable benefit to all your members, in a continuous and non-obtrusive way, when they want it, available via a single click. The Information Presenter works in symbiosis with your existing website and could benefit your members 24/7 through image, video, and document slides stimulating enjoyment, learning, visits, and much more.

More about the solution
Consider providing a membership edition of the Information Presenter to your members as additional to your current membership benefits.

First, provide the software to your members.
Provide a membership edition of the Information Presenter to your members. Then they will be able to use the software to view your content in the best possible way, and at any time with a single click.

We can create a custom membership edition of the Information Presenter for your organization within days. You can then provide the software to your members via download or on physical media included with their membership packs. The software is protected to enable only your members to view your content. Also, you can apply group management so that members can view only certain content depending on the viewer groups to which they belong.

Second, build up your online slide library.
Build up your online slide library. The software will deliver your content to your members and make it ready to be seen by them with a click. You build up your online slide library in a straightforward way through an easy to use web interface - no IT skills are required.
  • The app supports three types of slides: image (for the highest possible view quality), video, and document slides containing text, pictures, and video.
  • An item can have multiple slides of any kind to show and discuss it from different points of view without becoming repetitive or boring.
  • Slides can have any number of properties attached to them, to provide information about the item, such as history, materials, price, etc.
  • Each slide should contain a single point of interest as opposed to try to cram all possible information on a subject.
  • You can link slides to webpages, to enable the user to get more information or take action by following the link.
Your members can view your slides by categories and properties as you build your online slide library.

Give enjoyment and beauty to your members through the app.
By providing many beautiful photos of your "things" through the software, you will allow your members to enjoy what they love with just a mouse click. By the sheer volume and continuity of the images coming from you, your members will feel closer or even part of your organization and cause.

Give knowledge and education to your members through the app.
By providing many video and document as well as image slides, with attached to them informative properties, you can continuously educate your members, one little bite of knowledge after another, with every slide they see. Undoubtedly, your members will appreciate this as an excellent reason to purchase and keep their membership, as well as feel part of your organization and cause.

Stay in touch with your members.
Use the advertisement capabilities of the software to gently inform your members about events and offerings about which they may wish to know. You can provide three types of advertisements or any additional information in an elegant and non-obtrusive way.
  • Menu adverts - these are embedded menu commands in the main app menu. The user's default browser will load the webpage linked to the advert if the user selects it.
  • Overlay adverts - these are messages displayed at the bottom of image slides. The user can navigate to a webpage linked to the note with a single command.
  • Slide adverts - these are ordinary image, video, and document slides, but designated as "adverts". You can tell the software to display a slide advert after displaying a particular number of "normal" slides.

Engage your members and make them part of your organization.
Some organizations may be able to get help from their members in building their online slide library. For example, use photos made by your members, or in some educational classes that you may organize for the members. If applicable for your organization, you can define low-rank data provider administrator accounts for your members and have them create slides for you. You will only need to approve and make public the slides prepared by them. No IT skills are required to create slides. By allowing your members to contribute, with data or work, you will make them feel part of your organization and cause, and happy to be its members.

Once your members install the app on their computers, it will start displaying items from your online slide library.
The app works in the following way on the user's computer:
  • The user sets the app window size and position, as well as chooses the category of slides to display. Depending on the customization, the app can show slides from the online slide library of the organization or the local user computer.
  • The app always stays quiet, showing the currently loaded slide in a tiny window, in the position of the screen where the user put it.
  • The user opens the currently loaded slide with a single click at any time.
  • The app displays image slides on all screens of the user's computer, enabling the highest possible viewing quality and unlimited zoom.
  • The app displays video and document slides in a standard window.
  • The user can view the slide properties, such as description, materials, processes of creation, price, etc. (as provided) with a single command.
  • The user can load the webpage of the current slide (if there is one) in their default browser with a single command.
  • The user can use the app as a screen saver, enjoying items from the organization, even when not working on their computer.
  • The app offers settings and display modes to answer any visual and behavioral requirements of the user.
  • The app never interrupts the user and their work.

The Information Presenter provides a real and lasting solution for membership organizations to engage with their members and provide them with a 24/7 continuous benefit at the tip of their fingers and thus increasing new and continuing subscriptions.


  1. All members of your organization can benefit from this membership benefit regardless of their circumstances.
  2. The software enables the members of your organization to enjoy its beautiful items continuously.
  3. The software enables your organization to educate its members one step at a time continuously.
  4. The software incites the members of your organization to utilize the other benefits via its advertising features.
  5. You can invite new members from all over the world who can use only the app as a membership benefit from faraway.
  6. Make your members feel genuinely part of your organization and, indeed, benefit from their membership.
  7. The software helps to create bonds, trust, and gratitude between your organization and the members.


  1. Museums, art galleries and science centers.
  2. Parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos and aquariums.
  3. Schools, universities and libraries.
  4. Communities and churches.
  5. Sports clubs and other clubs.
  6. Photographers, artists and content creators.
  7. Other types of businesses and organizations.

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