Educate your audience with no effort for you and them

The Information Presenter can help you to educate your audience with no effort for you and for them, and maintain acquired knowledge.


The Information Presenter aids with two problems with education:
  1. Acquire knowledge. In today's busy world, people are often too busy to spend time obtaining knowledge outside of their domain of expertise and work, although they would like to.
  2. Retain knowledge. People forget the knowledge that they do not use. However, if they think about the subject, often they might have the impression that they still remember it. Only after a review they realize that they have begun or have already forgotten what they knew.


By utilizing an edition of the Information Presenter, you will be able to provide information to your audiences directly, in a continuous and non-obtrusive way, when the user wants it, and available via a single click. Depending on the information you provide, your public would be able to acquire new and retain their current knowledge. The app works together with your existing website where you could provide additional information, as well as you can link slides to external sites. The software stimulates learning, enjoyment, and much more.

More about the solution
Consider providing a tuition edition of the software to your students or any edition at all to your audience in general.

Provide an edition of the app to your public or students.
Provide an edition of the app to your public or students. Then, using the software, they will be able to view your content in the best possible way and at any time with a single click, to learn new, or remind themselves or facts they already know. For schools and universities editions, we recommend enabled membership capabilities, to enable only the students of your institution to use the software, as well as to allow group access control so that students can see only related to them content.

We can create a custom edition of the Information Presenter for your organization within days. You can then give the software to your students via download or for other cases as appropriate.

Build up your online slide library.
Build up your online slide library. The software will deliver your content to your audience and make it ready to be seen by them with a click. You build up your online slide library in a straightforward way through an easy to use web interface - no IT skills are required.
  • The app supports three types of slides: image (for the highest possible view quality), video, and document slides containing text, pictures, and video.
  • An item can have multiple slides of any kind to show and discuss it from different points of view without becoming repetitive or boring.
  • Slides can have any number of properties attached to them, to provide information about the item, such as history, materials, price, etc.
  • Each slide should contain a single point of interest as opposed to try to cram all possible information on a subject.
  • You can link slides to webpages, to enable the user to get more information or take action by following the link.
The users of your app edition can view your slides by categories and properties as you build your online slide library.

Schools and universities, particularly, ought to build their slide libraries as they find would be most beneficial to their students. For example, by year of study, then by subjects, then by week, or by phenomena, and so on, or they can have multiple hierarchies with different ways of structuring of the information simultaneously. The school may start each academic year with an empty slide library which tutors and students build in due course, e.g., adding slides for each week as it passes, or continuously improving their slide library across academic years.

Give knowledge to your audience or students through the app.
In the general case, the app helps to acquire knowledge for organizations such as museums, parks, nature reserves, resorts, etc. By providing many video and document as well as image slides, with attached to them informative properties, you can continuously educate your public, one little bite of knowledge after another, with every slide they see. Undoubtedly, your audience will appreciate this and perhaps get involved in one way or another, including visiting you, becoming a member, or in some other way.

For schools and universities, particularly, the app works by helping students to revise and discover gaps in their knowledge. Once the student realizes that they need to learn a particular topic, then they can go directly to the webpage of the slide, if provided, for full information on it. However, for some types of schools and subjects, the app may also help to acquire knowledge. For example, for language schools, students can learn new words and expressions, as well as retain knowledge.

Get help to build your slide library and accelerate learning.
If your organization has aids, such as students, interns, volunteers, then you can use them to help you build your online slide library. Define low-rank data provider accounts for them and have them create slides for your slide library. No IT skills are required to create slides. You will only need to approve the slides they produce and make them public.

For schools and universities, particularly, the slides can be created by the tutors as well as by the students, e.g., as course and homework tasks, etc. After approval, the tutor only cut-and-paste the slide into its place in the public slide library.

Once the user installs the app on their computers, it will start displaying items from your online slide library.
The app works in the following way on the user's computer:
  • The user sets the app window size and position, as well as chooses the category of slides to display. Depending on the customization, the app can show slides from the online slide library of the organization or the local user computer.
  • The app always stays quiet, showing the currently loaded slide in a tiny window, in the position of the screen where the user put it.
  • The user opens the currently loaded slide with a single click at any time.
  • The app displays image slides on all screens of the user's computer, enabling the highest possible viewing quality and unlimited zoom.
  • The app displays video and document slides in a standard window.
  • The user can view the slide properties, such as description, materials, processes of creation, price, etc. (as provided) with a single command.
  • The user can load the webpage of the current slide (if there is one) in their default browser with a single command.
  • The user can use the app as a screen saver, enjoying items from the organization, even when not working on their computer.
  • The app offers settings and display modes to answer any visual and behavioral requirements of the user.
  • The app never interrupts the user and their work.

For most types of organizations, such as museums, parks, resorts, corporations, and businesses, the Information Presenter enables people to learn facts on a subject which is of interest to them, without effort while enjoying quick momentary breaks. Over time this builds up their education. For schools and universities, particularly, students use the software to revise and discover gaps in their knowledge throughout the year, by simply clicking on it from time to time while working on other projects on their computer. However, for some subjects, such as languages, the software can also serve as a primary learning tool e.g. for new words and phrases.


  1. Enable users to learn in a slow-pace but continuous way without conscious effort.
  2. Enable students to revise the material they studied throughout the year without effort.
  3. Enable students to find gaps in their knowledge throughout the year without effort.
  4. Provide comprehensive information for each item through multiple slides and properties.
  5. Display the items of the organization to the user at all times (albeit inconspicuously).
  6. Provide enjoyment and learning to the user through information and content that they enjoy.
  7. Save time to the user not wasted on search engines and low-quality content while exploring.
  8. Help students to get better much knowledge and marks through continuous revision throughout the year.
  9. Enable graduated students to maintain their knowledge in the following years by keeping their student accounts and access.
  10. Create bonds, trust, and gratitude between the user and the organization.
  11. * Benefits may not apply to all organizations depending on their type.


  1. Museums, art galleries and science centers.
  2. Resorts, hotels, cruises, tour operators, travel agencies, and municipalities.
  3. Parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos and aquariums.
  4. Schools, universities and libraries.
  5. Corporations, s.a. automotive, etc.
  6. Jewelers.
  7. Fashion designers.
  8. Communities and churches.
  9. Other types of businesses and organizations.

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