Increase your revenue reducing dependency on broker websites

The Information Presenter can help you to increase your revenue by reducing your dependency on broker websites.


Many organizations, such as resorts, cultural sites and many others, find themselves on a later page of internet searches even when using their exact name. Results are even worst if searched with a less precise term. Such search results are for all intent and purposes useless. The websites that take the first positions in the search results are the broker websites, such as Broker websites are middleman websites which charge organizations on average from 15 to 35% from the fee paid by the buyer. Thus search engines de facto enslave organizations to pay adverts fees to them or booking fees to broker websites.


The Information Presenter can help organizations to alleviate the broker websites problem by enabling them to maintain connections with their former customers. For example: suppose that at their departure, a resort gifts its guests' copies of an edition of the app, enabled to display photos from the local computer. Many people would use the software to view their pictures because of its superior viewing and other abilities. In the meanwhile, the resort can use the app to gently inform them about "Top Offers" as well as let them make direct purchases from the resort's website, thus eliminating the booking websites.

More about the solution
Consider providing a Welcome or Thank you edition of the Information Presenter to your customers, respectively, as a free download from your website to plan their vacation before they visit you, or as a gift when they leave you.

Provide the app to your former customers.
Provide a "Welcome" or "Thank you" edition of the Information Presenter to your customers. Depending on the type of the edition, your organization, and customers, you may prefer to have the app able or unable to display slides from the local computer, as well as other features adequately adjusted. The critical point is to provide value to your future or former customers through the app so that they use it.

We can create a custom edition of the Information Presenter for your organization within days. You can then provide the software to your customers on physical media as a beautiful gift, on low-cost physical media, or as a digital download, whichever is most suitable.

Build up your online slide library.
Build up your online slide library. The software will deliver your content to your former customers and make it ready to be seen by them with a click. You build up your online slide library in a straightforward way through an easy to use web interface - no IT skills are required.
  • The app supports three types of slides: image (for the highest possible view quality), video, and document slides containing text, pictures, and video.
  • An item can have multiple slides of any kind to show and discuss it from different points of view without becoming repetitive or boring.
  • Slides can have any number of properties attached to them, to provide information about the item, such as history, materials, price, etc.
  • Each slide should contain a single point of interest as opposed to try to cram all possible information on a subject.
  • You can link slides to webpages, to enable the user to get more information or take action by following the link.
Your customers can view your slides by categories and properties as you build your online slide library.

Give enjoyment and knowledge through the app.
For a "Welcome" edition: the aim is to enable people to enjoy and learn from your content. Depending on the type of your organization, this may be about you, or your area, or your "thing." For example, a resort can upload in its slide library gorgeous sceneries, photos, and views from local museums, attractions, restaurants, food, recipes, etc., and thus help people have a better holiday then they visit you.

For a "Thank you" edition, even if you enable the app to display local slides so that your former guests can view their photos using the app, it is still beneficial for you to maintain a rich slide library so that they can enjoy your content as well.

Aim to provide value to your app, so that people continue using the software for one reason or another. Use image slides to produce amazing photos of scenery and objects. Use video and document as well as image slides, with attached to them informative properties, to continuously educate your former customers your "thing". Regardless of what kind is your organization, for example, an automotive company can educate people about cars, their history, how they operate, etc., a resort can teach people about the local geography, history, customs, food recipes, and so on.

Stay in touch with your customers.
Use the advertisement capabilities of the software to gently inform your visitors, guests, customers, and patrons about events and offerings about which they may wish to know. You can provide three types of advertisements or any additional information in an elegant and non-obtrusive way.
  • Menu adverts - these are embedded menu commands in the main app menu. The user's default browser will load the webpage linked to the advert if the user selects it.
  • Overlay adverts - these are messages displayed at the bottom of image slides. The user can navigate to a webpage linked to the note with a single command.
  • Slide adverts - these are ordinary image, video, and document slides, but designated as "adverts". You can tell the software to display a slide advert after displaying a particular number of "normal" slides.

Engage your customers.
Some organizations may be able to get help from their customers in building their online slide library. For example, you can use photos made by your customers while visiting with you or using your product. You can announce an annual competition for the Best the Funniest, etc., photoshoot and thus gain a rich source of photographs for your slide library. By allowing your customers to contribute, you will also make them feel even more connected with your organization.

Once the user installs the app on their computers, it will start displaying items from your online slide library.
The app works in the following way on the user's computer:
  • The user sets the app window size and position, as well as chooses the category of slides to display. Depending on the customization, the app can show slides from the online slide library of the organization or the local user computer.
  • The app always stays quiet, showing the currently loaded slide in a tiny window, in the position of the screen where the user put it.
  • The user opens the currently loaded slide with a single click at any time.
  • The app displays image slides on all screens of the user's computer, enabling the highest possible viewing quality and unlimited zoom.
  • The app displays video and document slides in a standard window.
  • The user can view the slide properties, such as description, materials, processes of creation, price, etc. (as provided) with a single command.
  • The user can load the webpage of the current slide (if there is one) in their default browser with a single command.
  • The user can use the app as a screen saver, enjoying items from the organization, even when not working on their computer.
  • The app offers settings and display modes to answer any visual and behavioral requirements of the user.
  • The app never interrupts the user and their work.

The Information Presenter provides organizations with a way to limit their dependency on online adverts and broker websites in finding new customers by holding on to their existing ones. Even if the user uses the app to view only their photos, you will still be able to provide them with bits of information about your organization and offers in an elegant and non-obnoxious way, through the advertising capabilities of the software.


  1. Increase your profit by reducing costs spend on broker websites s.a.
  2. Reduce search engine dependence and costs for not always efficient but expensive search engine ads.
  3. Reduce web-development costs, enabling a simpler yet more efficient website of the organization.
  4. Enable elegant and unobtrusive advertising, promotions, and information sharing.
  5. Enable direct online sales from your website through webpages associated with slides.
  6. Save money to your customers due to your lower prices eliminating the broker website fees.
  7. Save time to your customers not wasted on search engines and low-quality content while exploring.
  8. Keep the organization and the customer in continuous connection.
  9. Educate your customers in a slow-pace continuous way.
  10. Provide enjoyment to your customers through your content and their photos.
  11. Provide a better viewer experience to your customers through the software.
  12. Create bonds, trust, and gratitude between your customers and organization.
  13. * Benefits may not apply to all organizations depending on their type.


  1. Museums, art galleries and science centers.
  2. Resorts, hotels, cruises, tour operators, travel agencies, and municipalities.
  3. Parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos and aquariums.
  4. Corporations, s.a. automotive, etc.
  5. Jewelers.
  6. Other types of businesses and organizations.

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