Sell digital souvenirs and use them to popularize your cause

The Information Presenter can help you to create flexible and cost-effective digital souvenirs using your content, reaching new customers through them.


It is often difficult and expensive to develop quality souvenirs with the theme of an organization that efficiently disseminates its cause. Many organizations sell mostly random generic items not related to them in essence, and not advancing the purpose of the organization. Although we live in the digital age, there seems to be no way for organizations to create safe digital-souvenirs using photos and videos of their assets, despite, they would be ideal - flexible, inexpensive to manufacture, and precisely to the point.

More about the problem
Organizations such as museums, art galleries, resorts, hotels, cruises, parks, nature reserves, botanical gardens, and all kinds of other organizations could gain enormously by selling digital souvenirs. With the advent of cameras and video, such organizations can easily take thousands of photos and videos of their assets, save them on DVDs or memory cards and sell them as digital souvenirs. However, in only a few days, the photos are likely to appear uploaded all over the Internet. Thus organizations are bound to sell for the most part unrelated to their cause items, such as mugs and scarfs, perhaps with their name printed on them.


By utilizing a souvenir edition of the Information Presenter, you can sell digital souvenirs. With this solution, you can safely provide thousands of photos to your visitors and their friends and family. People will connect with you through the app and will be able to enjoy your content in a continuous and non-obtrusive way when they want it, available at a single click. The app works together with your existing website and could benefit people 24/7 through many images, video, and document slides, stimulating enjoyment, learning, visits, and much more.

More about the solution
Consider selling a souvenir edition of the Information Presenter to your visitors.

First, design your digital souvenir.
The core of your digital souvenir consists of your souvenir edition of the Information Presenter and many encrypted photos of your assets stored on physical media. The number and dimensions of the encrypted images depend on you. Perhaps a few thousands of pictures of medium size would be the right choice. We provide additional encryption software for you to encrypt your photos. You can store the encrypted images on any suitable media, e.g., DVD or memory cards. You can also add other items to the souvenir, such as a greeting card, a pamphlet, and anything else that would be suitable and make it more attractive.

We can create a custom souvenir edition of the Information Presenter for your organization within days. You can then manufacture the souvenirs with one of your local media/DVD printing shops, or even sell the digital-souvenirs as digital-download gift cards with and no physical items. In this latter case, the recipient of the souvenir will enjoy only your online slide library. If you provide encrypted photos on media, then the images will be encrypted with the state of the art security technology, which will also give you flexibility for the future. We can also provide you with an example design of a DVD digital-souvenir to help you get started even faster.

Be creative with the design of your digital souvenir. For example, you can add a second storage media to it so that your visitors can copy their photos, which they made during their visit on it, and thus make their gifts even more treasured.

Second, sell your digital souvenirs to your visitors.
Sell your digital souvenirs to your visitors. They may present them as gifts to their family and friends or use them themselves. The final owner and user of your digital-souvenir will be able to use the software to view your content, whether local-encrypted or online, in the best possible way, and at any time with a single click. Depending on your preferences, your souvenir app edition may or may not be able to display the user's photos.

Build up your online slide library.
Build up your online slide library. The software will deliver your content to your audience and make it ready to be seen by them with a click. You build up your online slide library in a straightforward way through an easy to use web interface - no IT skills are required.
  • The app supports three types of slides: image (for the highest possible view quality), video, and document slides containing text, pictures, and video.
  • An item can have multiple slides of any kind to show and discuss it from different points of view without becoming repetitive or boring.
  • Slides can have any number of properties attached to them, to provide information about the item, such as history, materials, price, etc.
  • Each slide should contain a single point of interest as opposed to try to cram all possible information on a subject.
  • You can link slides to webpages, to enable the user to get more information or take action by following the link.
The users of your app edition can view your slides by categories and properties as you build your online slide library.

Give enjoyment and beauty to your public through the app.
By providing many beautiful photos of your "things" through the software, you will allow your audience to enjoy what they love with just a mouse click. This gift from you will translate into connection and gratitude towards your organization and cause with all positive consequences.

Give knowledge and education to your audience through the app.
By providing many video and document as well as image slides, with attached to them informative properties, you can continuously educate your public, one little bite of knowledge after another, with every slide they see. Undoubtedly, your audience will appreciate this and perhaps get involved in one way or another, including visiting you, becoming a member, or in some other way.

Advertise and inform your public about your offers.
Use the advertisement capabilities of the software to invite people to visit you and gently let your audience know about events and offerings about which they may wish to know. You can provide three types of advertisements or any additional information in an elegant and non-obtrusive way.
  • Menu adverts - these are embedded menu commands in the main app menu. The user's default browser will load the webpage linked to the advert if the user selects it.
  • Overlay adverts - these are messages displayed at the bottom of image slides. The user can navigate to a webpage linked to the note with a single command.
  • Slide adverts - these are ordinary image, video, and document slides, but designated as "adverts". You can tell the software to display a slide advert after displaying a particular number of "normal" slides.

Get help to build your slide library and engage your public.
If your organization has aids, such as students, interns, volunteers, then you can use them to help you build your online slide library. Define low-rank data provider accounts for them and have them create slides for your slide library. No IT skills are required to create slides. You will only need to approve the slides they produce and make them public.

Once the user installs the app on their computers, it will start displaying items from your online slide library.
The app works in the following way on the user's computer:
  • The user sets the app window size and position, as well as chooses the category of slides to display. Depending on the customization, the app can show slides from the online slide library of the organization or the local user computer.
  • The app always stays quiet, showing the currently loaded slide in a tiny window, in the position of the screen where the user put it.
  • The user opens the currently loaded slide with a single click at any time.
  • The app displays image slides on all screens of the user's computer, enabling the highest possible viewing quality and unlimited zoom.
  • The app displays video and document slides in a standard window.
  • The user can view the slide properties, such as description, materials, processes of creation, price, etc. (as provided) with a single command.
  • The user can load the webpage of the current slide (if there is one) in their default browser with a single command.
  • The user can use the app as a screen saver, enjoying items from the organization, even when not working on their computer.
  • The app offers settings and display modes to answer any visual and behavioral requirements of the user.
  • The app never interrupts the user and their work.

The Information Presenter provides a simple, flexible, cost-efficient, and safe digital souvenir solution to many types of organizations, including museums, art galleries, resorts, hotels, cruises, parks, nature reserves, botanical gardens, and many other. It enables organizations to establish and keep their connection with people across the world and conveniently and elegantly provides them with enjoyment and education. The software also allows users to make direct purchases from the organization's website. The app can also be a very gentle advertising agent if an organization wishes to use it that way too.

Gone are the days when on their vacation people bought as a souvenir shell of Rapana venosa to listened to the waves. However, a digital souvenir enabling its beneficiary to enjoy stunning scenery, the underwater world, see the fantastic food, and learn about the place, its geography, history, culture, and so on would be indeed an appreciated gift. Similarly, for many other types of organizations - for example, some people find it absurd to find themselves purchasing a mug in an art museum as a gift - a digital souvenir would be just the right thing.


  1. Increase your revenue form the sale of digital souvenirs.
  2. Popularize your organization and cause across the world.
  3. Display the items of the organization to the user at all times (albeit inconspicuously).
  4. Enable direct online sales from your website through webpages associated with slides.
  5. Provide enjoyment and learning to the user through information and content that they enjoy.
  6. Educate users in a slow-pace but continuous way while advancing the cause of the organization.
  7. Provide comprehensive information for each item through multiple slides and properties.
  8. Enable elegant and unobtrusive advertising, promotions, and information sharing.
  9. Create bonds, trust, and gratitude between the user and the organization.
  10. * Benefits may not apply to all organizations depending on their type.


  1. Museums, art galleries and science centers.
  2. Resorts, hotels, cruises, tour operators, travel agencies, and municipalities.
  3. Parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos and aquariums.
  4. Other types of businesses and organizations.

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