The Information Presenter can help your organization to

A new type of software: Available and Attentive

Available - always there to provide the user with your content and give them enjoyment or new knowledge

Attentive - assiduously attending to the comfort and wishes of the user, polite, courteous and unobtrusive

What do the academics say?

Information Presenter is very apt for museums and educational institutions. It is a product which can help them in one of their most important tasks, namely, to provide and disseminate knowledge for education and enjoyment, as well as help their finances, and without a doubt, in other ways.
Prof. Doctor of Arts Simeon Nedkov, Professor of Museology, Sofia University

What do the professionals say?

Information Presenter will be very useful for the National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia. It will give us many new opportunities to reach traditional and new audiences and will help us be even more useful to them. It is also very interesting for us to help increase and modernize the museum's souvenir line, as well as have more frequent and direct contact with our donors and volunteers.
Ekaterina Tsekova, PhD, Director National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia

What do the end users say?

This program is awesome.
Mati Robl
This is something I was looking for since eons ago, finding nothing alike until now! Fantastic! Thumbs up and congratulations.
You've done an awesome job... I have found it most amazing how well this works when you load it with flash cards and keep it on top. Even if you don't pay attention to the flash cards, the information sticks in your head. Thank you for an awesome product.
Information Presenter is Exactly what I've been searching for. A mini slideshow app where I can look at pics while working on other projects. Thanks! Great job!!!
I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy this software! I thank you for creating this lovely program!

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The Information Presenter was featured on the Bulgarian National Radio.
The Information Presenter was featured on the nation-wide radio Darik.

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